Red Wine
  • Paula Stanca


Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Certifications of wine quality are essential to internationally promote Romania’s country brand. The EU certification is the most basic one for PDO-PGI and non PDO-PGI wines which is a precondition to sell on the EU market. This stands for basic good quality of wine and compliance with EU oenological production standards. While large Romanian wineries have the resources to conduct analysis reports for wine and achieve this certification, small producers because of lack of know-how and technological skills prefer not to certify and just sell their production as bulk wine on the domestic market. Besides this EU fundamental certification and Romania’s hologram labelling that confirms wine authenticity, other certifications such as organic and biodynamic are taking a back seat. The organic sector of Romania is highly export-oriented, hence the presence of 13 organic certification control bodies in Romania, out of which 6 are branches of parent companies in other countries and 7 national ones. Despite the abundance of these control organizations, vineyard organic certification is lagging behind other crops, with barely 1.2 % certified organic land out of all Romania’s vineyard surface, according to 2018 statistics. Moreover, less than 20 wineries are certified organic out of more than 1000 wineries in Romania and most are a result of portfolio investments. As for biodynamic certification, Bioagricert is a partner of Demeter which is the international brand for products from biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic viticulture is still yet to be discovered and used by vintners in Romania. Organic and biodynamic certifications are not a priority for most wine growers as the wine industry is highly dependent on the domestic market where Romanian wine consumers are unaware of the organic quality and treat organic and premium wines as luxury items purchased almost exclusively during celebrations or as presents. Finally, organic and biodynamic certifications should be used as export strategies for wineries that are looking to increase their profits.

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