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July 30 & 31!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to IEF-2021!

 This international event organized by OenoCo International aims to address, as a premiere for Central and Eastern Europe, a variety of issues in the wine sector, with the main goal of optimizing the entire mechanism regarding this extremely important area for the region's economy. The forum aims to bring together producers, importers-exporters, sommeliers and leading wine educators, and policy makers from academia and private sectors. IEF-2021 seeks to be a forum for the exchange of ideas on the latest development in the wine industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The forum will address realities and challenges in the wine field, offering professional solutions to the needs of producers in Central and Eastern Europe geared by export expansion to new international markets. The forum also aims to bring together the energies of the international community of wine professionals, local/international business and public authorities, academia, civil society in order to increase the competitiveness of the wine sector within the economies of Central and Eastern Europe.


We hope that you will find the forum stimulating, informative and enjoyable.


The international economic forum will take place over 2 days in an online setting with sessions where attendees can listen to international prominent speakers from the wine industry field. Live Virtual webinars will identify solutions to key challenges in the wine industry providing data for business research as well as build relationships with fellow participants. This virtual summit through its built-in community platform will have a global reach by gathering participants from all corners of the world and giving them all tools necessary to chat, network and share information with one another.


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