Our Mission

Our company is a driving proponent in bringing together all viticultural entities in the Eastern European region, promoting their uniqueness and heritage and recognizing it on the international wine stage, thus making OenoCo International a global leader within the wine industry


OenoCo International’s main goal is to grow into a reference brand on the Eastern European wine market. By increasing the international visibility of the company, OenoCo’s objective is to become a touchstone for the vitivinicultural entities in Eastern Europe.


This will be achieved by making a significant number of partnerships agreements with entities and bodies in the field, creating a portfolio of clients, organizing events and international wine forums, acting as contractual intermediaries between wineries and importers/distributors when entering new markets, carrying out wine market studies in different countries, facilitating European/US wine certifications and last but not least raising awareness regarding issues in the sector, legislation, etc.

OenoCo International is a wine consulting company that helps businesses promote their brands at home and across the continents. Our company is instrumental in leading and supporting a European-US partnership between wineries, wine professionals and anyone within the wine business. This transatlantic relationship is paramount in advocating economic interests mutually beneficial for wine brands around the globe.

​OenoCo International came into being as a result of an initiative of a group of American business people from different fields who concurred upon sustainable investing in Eastern Europe. As such, the formation of OenoCo International is the outcome of a few professional analysis reports stating an increase in the economic and political significance of Eastern Europe on a global level. In the last few years, the countries in this region have made tremendous progress to respect all democratic values and market economy principles. At the same time, the increasing importance of the Eastern European region in the American foreign policy is noticeable.

About OenoCo