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Paula Stanca


Native to Romania - Arad, Paula is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria with double major in Journalism, Mass Communications and Political Science, International Relations. She gained her Master of Arts in International Affairs from the New School University in NYC.


Paula has gained extensive experience in the sommelier profession, being certified by the Court of Master Sommelier and running her own related business in New Hampshire-US. She started her wine journey 10 years ago out of her passion for wines, reminiscent of her native Romania, and her family’s traditional home-produced wines. Paula continued her professional development at the International Culinary Center in NYC and hands on experience as a sommelier at prestigious establishments in New York City. She has embarked on a worldwide journey to expand her knowledge, incessantly learning and experiencing various grape varietals and wine regions. She has worked with wine vendors, hosted domestic and international wine events with wine makers from all around the world. Moreover, Paula has published articles analyzing the wine sector in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, with focus on Hungary, the Republic of Moldova and Romania.


Last year, Paula founded OenoCo International and took on its challenging CEO position aiming to be a global player in the wine industry.

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