Red Grape Vines

Tony Sasa


Tony Sasa grew up in a farming family. Living so close to nature, he developed a love for food, wine and living joyfully. He furthered his passions for both wine and gastronomy while working in the restaurant business in Chicago, Florence and Genova, Italy.

In 2006, Tony became the owner and curator of Enoteca
Pontevecchio, a highly successful wine shop in Florence, Italy. He spent many years exploring Italy’s viticulture to source great wines, specializing in hunting down quality wines from small boutique wineries - which he refers to as "the underdogs of Italian wine." Tony also became a winemaker himself, creating his own carefully crafted wines.

As advocate for Italy’s ancient varietals and of traditional styles of winemaking, he created a Consortium of Italian Wines in 2002. In this role, Tony was able to travel all over the world to promote small organic boutique winemakers. He gained a great deal of international experience built enduring relationships with Italy's foremost enologists, winemakers and journalists.

Today, he brings his extensive wine knowledge and enthusiasm for winemaking to his role as Director of Sales for Il Palagio wines. It was truly "love at first sight" when Tony first saw the beautiful Tenuta Il Palagio estate; Tony can often be found at Tenuta il Palagio, where Sting and Trudie Styler find him to be a trusted and valued advisor for all their wine efforts. Tony travels the world for Il Palagio, helping brand awareness and can also be found at home in Florence where he lives with his wife Laura and daughter. 


The Il Palagio wines include: The Estate Wines: Sister Moon, When we Dance and Casino delle vie. The blended wines are: Beppe Rosato, Message in A Bottle Bianco, Message in A Bottle Rosso, and Roxanne Rosso and Roxanne Bianco. He is selling these wines in countries all over the world including: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark, North America, Japan, Russia, Australia and South America.

Once you meet Tony, you will never forget his enduring passion for Italian wine..