Red Grape Vines

Alessio Planeta


After completing his Masters in agriculture Alessio spent the best years of his youth studying the history of Sicily and its viticulture. He became a sort of wine-nerd, in fact he spent his so-called holidays working in France, Piemonte, California, and Australia, instead of in Ibiza or Saint-Tropez. Along with his large family, he decided to get into the ring. It definitely went well, showing that Sicily was not secondary to anyone.

Nowadays Francesca, Santi and Alessio are protecting and leading a collection of six boutique wineries, to save and show the heritage and the infinite biodiversity of their vineyards and beyond. The main focus is on researching and developing the local and historical varieties, in parallel with the development of tourism, with the help of culture, cuisine and art, and the participation by the foundation in the first regional program to develop the sustainability in agriculture.

IEF-2021Alessio Planeta
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