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Nicolae Minciuna


Nicolae Minciuna is an oenologist engineer since 2011. He worked for Moldovan wineries such as Bostavan Holding, Vinaria din Vale, as well as wineries in Romania and New Zealand.

 Nicolae is an activist and an advocate of promoting wine tourism in The Republic of Moldova especially in the southern region that represents 50% of vine growing and wine production of the country despite lack of investments. In this respect, he received grants in 2019, and invested in a small production winery ‘Domeniile Pană’, in the village Slobozia Mare, situated near Beleu Lake which is a very important touristic destination. His focus is producing quality wines and capitalizing on sustainable wine tourism. 

Since wine tourism plays a significant number in the Republic of Moldova’s GDP, Nicolae hopes that with the experience he gained abroad, he could contribute to the sustainability of the rural area of Beleu through implementing a program of wine tourism alongside his small wine production.

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